Monday, January 24, 2011

Starla by Donna Earle

She is of the stars and falling fast to yellow,
She is from... the realms of moonlands far away,
I pretend that it won't matter when she leaves us,
But I'm lying,that will be a thunder-day.
She is from a planet far beyond our knowing,
Her glowing eyes sometimes become opaque,
and her words when she is tired turn quite alien,
I have seen the precious stardust in her wake.
If she loves you she will hold your soul forever,
If she knows you she will always be your friend,
She wil find you any corner of the planet,
She will see you from the fartherst part of end.
I have seen her fall to pieces in the twilight,
as she gazes at the sunset fading blue.
She has whispered sounds and i have tried to listen,
but she says leave me, this is never meant for you.
Starla,Starla why have you befriended..
Me,a simple earthchild ,not your kind.
Why is it you care so much about me
And care that you'll be leaving me behind?
I never want to see you go forever,
To the orange lands that are your dim moon home.
But the Palaces of Starfind they are waiting,
And you'll go, my alien love, you will go home.
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