Saturday, February 19, 2011 Donna Earle

 She started turning to ice when she was little,
she didn't realize it then,
what was happening,
she was too little and too eager to be happy.
But the first time someone hurt her,
with a childish cruelty,
a taunt,
 a snicker,
her fingertips
froze a little...
just tingled a tiny bit,
she hardly noticed it..
just went on playing in her child's world....
As she grew and many more hurts came her way
especially teenage angst and with that pain,
her hair turned white,
and they called her chill girl,
it was cool in a way,
she didn'tt really mind.
In her adult years the hurts were worse,
she thought she was dealing,
thought she was ok....
but by now her face and body were glassy,
pure ice,
cold and chilled,
slightly blue.
all that was alive,
were her eyes and they were green
green ice.

Pink Worlds Far Away From Donna Earle

She often lay still for hours,on ...the sofa, on dim August evenings,
as dusk made its gentle path over the floor
and dreamt of pink worlds far away from here.
She spent hours at it when her eyes grew tired
and her book dropped softly.
Outside the little evening birds made music straight from heaven,
or those worlds she daydreamed about.
down the yellow hall of her house ,
there was a mirror
and on these evenings she saw,
or imagined she saw,
reflections there.
Pink shadows,
like nothing
in reality.
they called her away,
away to pink worlds,
and she reached out her hands
in pleasure
to the shadows.
The shadows were so vibrant
like summer suns
they called her name ,
sometimes a litttle wildly,
and then softly,
the charm of the birdsong
somehow held her back.