Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Dolls by Donna Earle

.....Paper Donna Earle

In an old apartment building up on Main Street,
Where the north wind cried and moaned through ancient halls,
Dark and I pretended to be grownups,
As we played each afternoon with paper dolls.
Sometimes the sun peeped through the grimy windows,
Casting glimmers on the little girls so fair,
We never noticed sun or wind or people,
Dark and I were lost in bliss so far back there.
Back there on the old worn steps of dreamtime,
The dolls made out of paper were so real.
We had trips to parks and palaces of silver,
We only left to go in for a meal.
In the green and glimmer light
of summer childhood,
Those backsteps held us in a timeless spot.
We were children lost on Main Street,
Me and Darkness....
We had more than many others ever got.
Paper dolls and lights through mermaid windows...
Lemonade to sip like parsley tea...
Secrets echoed through the halls like ghostly laughter,
Oh what times we had...Darkness and me...

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