Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Long Road to the Edge of Donna Earle

It's a long ,long road to the edge of Mexico,
Sometimes I ask myself,
Do I really have to go,
To Mexico,
Down Mexico.
And the answer comes back saying yes,
Yes you have to go ,
To Mexico.
I stop in the heat ,the yellow heat,
Although it's cooler now,
I take a drink,
And a small rest.
Above me the sky is all gone purple,
And the stars come out in thousands,
On the long road to the edge of Mexico.
Magical Mexico,
I can hear voices calling me,
From the far lanes of the past,
Come home,come home,
No longer should you roam,
Come home to Mexico.
And I am going there,
It is a long,long way,
A long road to the edge of Mexico.

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