Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ruby Never Meant to go to California

Ruby Never Meant To Go To California...

Ruby always sat around in sunlight,
Drinking tea from orange china cups.
Picking wildflowers in the wet marsh,
Trying to look down while looking up.
Ruby wandered in the woods in yellow summer,
Peeked in antique shops for lemon glass.
Sat in darkened theatres eating popcorn,
Existing sweetly, lost in her dim past...
She never meant to go to California...
But the purple desert seemed to call to her,
Even as the dreamed in northern moonbeams,
And decorated red pink Juniper.
Ruby longed for sagebrush and the desert,
The haunting sillouette of tumbleweeds,
One day a bus trip brought her to the burning...
The hot and steaming place that she did need.,
Ruby never wanted California
Never meant to leave her snowy home...
But her dreams became a constant ache inside her,
Now she lies in sand and sagebrush all alone.

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  1. One of my favorites .. great site Donna. Congratulations .. looking forward to reading more of your work ♥