Tuesday, January 25, 2011

FairyGreen...by Donna Earle

I saw a green girl..tree sprite
in a single ray of ligh...t,
I blinked and she was calling,
in the dim and leaving night....
I'm only here for you she said,
I came to fill your heart..
You needed me ..you dreamt of me..
I'm sent from souls afar....
Fairy Green ..
my true friend...
a star from galaxies
so far from here it scares me
sent from bluer seas.
I keep her in my daytime,
I call her back at night,
I see her lime green shadow,
When all is blackest bright.
Fairy Green I wanted,
An alien kind of friend,
Someone who can tell me..
About the waters' end...
I will be so different
because you came to me..
I'm an alien earthling...
Because I now can see..
Light from cosmic oceans..
Music from the moon..
Wisdom from beyond the stars..
You are my claire de lune....
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