Thursday, January 27, 2011

December ,,,by Donna Earle

December days are crystal ones,and golden ones with turquoise suns.
and falling snow,and nights that glow
as people run.
Run to joy ,a girl ,a boy,
And time is slow.
Days are strange and blue and cold,
Morning shines with frost so bold.
Midnight sings outloud and clear,
Its carols oh so old.
The stars up in an inky sky are wise
So much more than I.
The forest nights ,December bright,
Are lit by colored spheres,
Faries,elves and sprites of air
Have made their frost homes there.
December crackles and it sings
The lights or joy are lit,
The bells ring out in city streets,
Take joy where you find it.

A Long Road to the Edge of Donna Earle

It's a long ,long road to the edge of Mexico,
Sometimes I ask myself,
Do I really have to go,
To Mexico,
Down Mexico.
And the answer comes back saying yes,
Yes you have to go ,
To Mexico.
I stop in the heat ,the yellow heat,
Although it's cooler now,
I take a drink,
And a small rest.
Above me the sky is all gone purple,
And the stars come out in thousands,
On the long road to the edge of Mexico.
Magical Mexico,
I can hear voices calling me,
From the far lanes of the past,
Come home,come home,
No longer should you roam,
Come home to Mexico.
And I am going there,
It is a long,long way,
A long road to the edge of Mexico.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

nobody knows by donna earle

where the little bird goes...
nobody knows.
where the dragons fly,
is another sky.
where the spider spins,
in the misty glens,
thats a fairyland not meant for me,
not meant for you.
where the robin sleeps.
and the green snail creeps.
it's another land,
can't understand.
it's a magic place
where there's ivy lace,
in a secret wood.
if i only could...
i would go away,
with the birds
to play.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Donna Earle

I saw a green girl..tree sprite
in a single ray of ligh...t,
I blinked and she was calling,
in the dim and leaving night....
I'm only here for you she said,
I came to fill your heart..
You needed me dreamt of me..
I'm sent from souls afar....
Fairy Green ..
my true friend...
a star from galaxies
so far from here it scares me
sent from bluer seas.
I keep her in my daytime,
I call her back at night,
I see her lime green shadow,
When all is blackest bright.
Fairy Green I wanted,
An alien kind of friend,
Someone who can tell me..
About the waters' end...
I will be so different
because you came to me..
I'm an alien earthling...
Because I now can see..
Light from cosmic oceans..
Music from the moon..
Wisdom from beyond the stars..
You are my claire de lune....
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Paper Dolls by Donna Earle

.....Paper Donna Earle

In an old apartment building up on Main Street,
Where the north wind cried and moaned through ancient halls,
Dark and I pretended to be grownups,
As we played each afternoon with paper dolls.
Sometimes the sun peeped through the grimy windows,
Casting glimmers on the little girls so fair,
We never noticed sun or wind or people,
Dark and I were lost in bliss so far back there.
Back there on the old worn steps of dreamtime,
The dolls made out of paper were so real.
We had trips to parks and palaces of silver,
We only left to go in for a meal.
In the green and glimmer light
of summer childhood,
Those backsteps held us in a timeless spot.
We were children lost on Main Street,
Me and Darkness....
We had more than many others ever got.
Paper dolls and lights through mermaid windows...
Lemonade to sip like parsley tea...
Secrets echoed through the halls like ghostly laughter,
Oh what times we had...Darkness and me...

Starla by Donna Earle

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ruby Never Meant to go to California

Ruby Never Meant To Go To California...

Ruby always sat around in sunlight,
Drinking tea from orange china cups.
Picking wildflowers in the wet marsh,
Trying to look down while looking up.
Ruby wandered in the woods in yellow summer,
Peeked in antique shops for lemon glass.
Sat in darkened theatres eating popcorn,
Existing sweetly, lost in her dim past...
She never meant to go to California...
But the purple desert seemed to call to her,
Even as the dreamed in northern moonbeams,
And decorated red pink Juniper.
Ruby longed for sagebrush and the desert,
The haunting sillouette of tumbleweeds,
One day a bus trip brought her to the burning...
The hot and steaming place that she did need.,
Ruby never wanted California
Never meant to leave her snowy home...
But her dreams became a constant ache inside her,
Now she lies in sand and sagebrush all alone.