Monday, March 21, 2011

Luna..Lost Donna Earle

Lost like the moon in a dark sky,
...Where orange lights twinkle afar.
Lost like a babe in the deep wood,
Driving alone in her car.
Luna,no-one can reach you...
You have shut out the uncaring world.
Lost child gone in the morning,
Sweet darling ,moonlit bright girl.
Luna where are you going?
Your eyes are wild like the sea.
Fingernail polish like stardust,
I wish you were coming to me.
But I know your journey is waiting,
You're as far away as a star.
Your face is whiter than snowflakes,
Melancholy, my darling you are.
I will wait here at the gateway,
Until I see you again.
Take my love with you my darling,
Look,my tears are like rain....

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