Saturday, March 19, 2011 Donna Earle

Someone else ..she was someone else,

from another era
another frame of reality.

She dressed in glittering gowns

of a hundred years ago,

stiff grey taffeta,

and watered silk.

A castle was her home

in her mind.

She walked in the melancholy gardens

beneath the dripping trees

eating peppemints,

and thinking of nothing.

She was someone else


on summer nights,

and winter nights,too...

She wore jewels left to her

from her grandmother

whom she had adored

beyond reason,

and losing her

had torn her mind

a little....

old gold rings

she had inherited

silver bracelets,

spider-webbed memories

faint shimmering stones

to wear

in her ears...

but everyone said


the mad light in her eyes

was jewel-like too,

and far brighter than the moon

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