Friday, July 1, 2011

Glimmer Webs of Sunset Donna Earle

Tonight just at dusk I went exploring,
and I found many things outside my door in
the scented ,heavy air of twilight..
always the perfect time to seek
the wonderful and strange
the secret and golden things...
that only children and cats know about.
Tonight I found the glimmer webs of the sunset spiders,
like golden nets they glimmered in
a nook above my door,
and down in the summer woods,
and floating in the air.too...
as if daring me to fly.
The sunset spiders knew that I was there,
they stopped their glinting work and watched me
as I sipped my tepid tea and stared at them...
They decided I was ok ,
and once again resumed their lightening spinning,
touching gold and creating beauty
in the night.
Like little stars they wove their magic in the old forgotton corners
of my house and in the green and perfumed trees
they left their treasure.
guarded forever by the winds
the rainbow winds,
that blow from fairyland.
The sunset spiders look like fireflys,
I was mesmerized and could not move...
as they spun their secret webs
in the evening air...
the stars came out and bathed the sky in mist
the glimmer webs were waiting to catch the stardust.

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