Saturday, March 19, 2011 Donna Earle

Cinderella Donna Earle

Don't be late from the ball Cinderella,

maybe you shouldn't dance the last dance,

even if the goth prince insists.

he will love your encrusted silver gown,

and your glass slippers,

he will try and seduce you...

and you will be seduced,

darkness is a part of you.

the lights of a thousand candles

will lure you,

as will the mimosa

in the castle gardens,

with it's secret scent..

also you will be mesmerized

by the green-eyed god of desire...

but it will be his words

that will charm you,

as he can charm

the very

stars from


those words he will whisper...

again and again,

he will be intense,

and you will listen,

and the violins will cry,

and the dark dancers will dance.

Your heart will want to stay

and seek ecstasy

in the onyx chamber...

run away before midnight


or you will never leave.

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